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A new musical about an aspiring Scottish singer who embarks on a life changing journey. Facing extraordinary circumstances on the road to fame, this is a story about sacrifice, identity, and the search for self acceptance.




Chance sits across from a therapist, trying his best to avoid answering personal questions about his past. We flashback twenty years to Glasgow, Scotland (“Library of Broken Dreams”). Jaxx and her best friend, Spencer, sit on a hill overlooking the city. Jaxx is trying to write a song for an upcoming audition (“Seen, Heard, Loved, & Adored”). Upon realizing she’s late for her shift at the local launderette, they make a run for it. Jaxx’s Mum also works at the launderette and, upon arrival, is displeased, to say the least. Once alone, Jaxx begins to daydream and is compelled to try on some men’s clothing which takes a fantastical turn (“Laundry Blues”). Mum unexpectedly returns, and a fight ensues. A few days later, Jaxx fails to impress any of the talent scouts at the audition (“My Belly Aches”). Deflated by the whole experience, she sets off on her journey home, reflecting on her life, deepest dreams, and desires (“This Feeling”). Later that week, Jaxx is back at the launderette singing at the top of her lungs. Little does she know, but a music manager, Rich Abaddon, stands listening. He seems impressed and offers a meeting. Spencer enters and upon hearing the news, kisses Jaxx, but unfortunately, his affections aren’t reciprocated (“What Would I Lose?”). The following week Jaxx sits in Abaddon’s office playing her demos. Sensing something far more significant, he pushes Jaxx to uncover the truth about who she really is (“Face to Face”). We flashforward twenty years to the therapy session where Chance confirms that Jaxx was, in fact, his biological female self. We flashback twenty years to find Jaxx in her bedroom, listening to music and binding her chest. Her Mum enters, and Jaxx quickly pivots, leading to a catastrophic fight (“I’m Her Mum”). In London, Rich Abaddon is preparing Jaxx’s first showcase. More importantly, Jaxx now presents as Chance for the very first time. (“Spark Of Gold”). Chance calls Spencer for the first time in a few months to explain everything. He’s hurt and confused and doesn’t recognize the person Jaxx has become. On the night of the showcase, Chance is extremely nervous. Rich Abaddon tries several tactics to calm him down, which takes a sudden turn forcing Chance to make a life-altering decision (“Take Shelter”).




In present-day, Chance is shooting a music video but is completely un-inspired (“I Don’t Want a Job”). Spencer, who is now head of PR, tries to intervene, but Rich Abaddon’s surprising appearance only makes matters worse. He quickly reminds Chance who’s in control (“All Worked Out”), leading to a heavy night of drinking and drug-taking (“Off the Rails”). That evening, breaking news of allegations of sexual misconduct against Rich Abaddon send Chance into shock. We flashforward to the therapy session, where Chance is encouraged to speak the truth and address his past. (“Face to Face Mum’s Reprise”). Back at Rich Abaddon's office, he uncharacteristically pleads for Chance's support despite the allegations. Spencer appears but seems to only have his own best interests at heart. In Scotland, Mum still works at the local launderette when a reporter drops by to dig up the past. Back in London, Spencer gives Chance an ultimatum at the Brit Awards press conference (“What I Need To Say”). Unexpected questions send Chance into a tailspin, and the press has a field day (“Headlines Sequence”). Chance sits waiting for Spencer in Rich Abaddon’s office. Upon arrival, Rich Abaddon accuses Spencer of being a whistleblower when police burst in to arrest Rich Abaddon on multiple counts of predatory sexual assault. Chance feels ultimately betrayed by Spencer and cancels his Brit Awards appearance. At the end of his rope, he attempts to take his own life that evening (“Chance’s Soliloquy”). We flashforward to the therapy session, where Chance has some decisions to make (“Treading Water”). In the final days of the Abaddon trial, Chance sits in the witness box. Suddenly Mum appears, giving Chance the courage to finally reveal the truth. Moments later, they reunite after being estranged for twenty years (“This Feeling Mum’s Reprise”). Months later, Chance and Spencer make amends before Chance performs a concert in his hometown of Glasgow, Scotland. He’s now free of Abaddon and not only has revealed himself to the entire world but, more importantly, is able to stand in his truth and finally accept himself (“Home”).


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